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March 23, 2010

On the (Philippine) campaign trail with Dick Gordon

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Over spring break, I had the opportunity to follow Philippine presidential candidate Richard “Dick” Gordon (guy on the truck) on one of his campaign trips to the province.

Philippine presidential campaigns are at once much more personal and fun than those in the United States. There’s much less physically standing between the candidate and the people – no Secret Service or bulletproof glass. The candidates are also much more playful, with pastel-colored campaign vehicles, pop-py jingles and lots of candy getting tossed around.

You see things that simply wouldn’t fly in the US, like pickup trucks loaded to the hilt with loudspeakers blasting campaign jingles at deafening volumes.

The Gordon-Bayani ticket is running with “The Transformers” as their slogan. As in, the cars that turn into robots. They even painted a bunch of trucks (“Optimus Prime” is in the photo above, and yes, that’s what they really call it) in hot-rod colors and loaded them up with lights and loudspeakers to drive around the countryside in.





All in all, a very interesting couple of days. Quite frankly, he’s a long shot to win, but I had a lot of fun tagging along with these guys regardless.

March 14, 2010

Flying high now

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Current location: Manila, Philippines until 03/21/10

March 7, 2010

Shirock at the Roxy

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I always love a good rock show – they’re intense and a lot of fun to shoot. Shirock, a new band from the Midwest, did not disappoint at their recent performance at the Roxy on Sunset.

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