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May 28, 2010


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Graduation was pretty anticlimactic for me. I think that it (and the college experience) have been hyped up so much that it’s pretty easy to get disappointed, especially with today’s economic conditions. Lots of time and energy goes into making you feel special and unique, even though you’re surrounded by literally thousands of other people with the same degree and qualifications as you.

I honestly can’t say I felt any different before and right after I walked across that stage to get my diploma. My parents, though, were another story. I really think that graduations are for them more than for us, to make them feel like something enormous has been accomplished and to give a sense of closure to their child’s youth. A lot of people (myself included) celebrate their graduation, but sometimes I feel that to do so is kind of like giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize – a little premature, and based more on the promise of what will be accomplished rather than what has actually been done.

It was quite a hectic day, and I might not have fully grasped its importance. There are lots of people I saw then that I probably won’t see for a very long time, if at all. But I’m certainly no stranger to moving around, and I am sure most of my classmates feel the same way.

After here, I’m off to China and the Philippines for a month, and then to San Diego in July to start up my new job.


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