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June 2, 2010

Jade and Mike

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Here’s another shoot from May.

We had a hell of a time running around LA finding shots, and got EXTREMELY lucky to find a bright yellow locomotive sitting out in the open on public property

Of course, we had to take advantage.

Thanks for a great shoot, guys.


May 30, 2010

Amber and Dhalib

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Phew, this was a while ago, when the poppies were still in bloom. I’m still catching up on posting old shoots up before I get on my plane to China

April 10, 2010

Around Town

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Haven’t shot around as much as I’d like due to the job search, but I’ve managed to squeeze some stuff in and do some exploring.

Below, production stills from a friend’s short film shoot.

February 15, 2010

Streets of LA: Car Rig Test

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I’ve always wanted to try rigging a camera to a car, so when my cousin (above) said he had a buddy with all the necessary gear, I jumped on the chance.

It helps that his dad (my uncle) has a sweet Honda S2000 in tip-top condition.

The rigged car (above) was quite a sight on the streets of LA yesterday; we got more than a few puzzled stares and “wow!”s as we drove by. The camera itself wasn’t really that hard to mount – just suction-cup it to the hood. The trick was getting good lighting on the driver while keeping all the gear out of frame. As hard as it was to rig an octabank to the door and dodge LA traffic while having it on, it would have been much harder (and less fun) to photoshop the light out of a busy background of skyscrapers and neon lights. Better to get it right in the camera.

We used a Nikon D300 and Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens for the shots, mainly because the combo was more expendable than my main D700 and wide-angle. “Expendable” is relative, of course – there’s about $2,000 of gear on the hood in the pic above, and $400 more on the boom sticking out of the car – but I’d rather risk the backup set of equipment than the main kit on the first go. We triggered the camera with my friend Eric’s Pocket Wizards, from a lead car my other cousin was driving.

For lights, there’s a Nikon SB28 running through a Photoflex Octodome (amazing light source) and a SB800 through a mini-softbox hidden in the passenger seat for fill.

Below, some other shots we did on the car rig

I think I’ll be playing around a little more with this in the future. With a stronger concept and more planning I could see some amazing shots coming out of this setup.

Thanks to my cousins Nathan and Nathalie for being gung-ho about all this, Nathan’s friend for the rigging and Eric Wolfe for his pocket wizards!

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