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June 2, 2010

Jade and Mike

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Here’s another shoot from May.

We had a hell of a time running around LA finding shots, and got EXTREMELY lucky to find a bright yellow locomotive sitting out in the open on public property

Of course, we had to take advantage.

Thanks for a great shoot, guys.


February 22, 2010

A Week’s Worth

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Above: Favorites from a portable studio at The Bicycle Bread Company giving table

Below: Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Los Angeles

Not pictured: 7 rolls of 120 slide film from this and last week that I still need to get developed

June 25, 2009

Bruining my life with Jane and Cathryn

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Had the pleasure of spending last Saturday shooting around with two great people who have the misfortune of going to that school on the other side of town, UCLA.. Cathryn (left) and Jane. We were all feeling a little down because of the weather, but luckily that cleared up in the afternoon when we started shooting.

I love stuff like the shot above, behind-the-scenes stuff that really makes a shoot come alive and feel real.

I stuck to one little speedlight with no modifiers as my light for the shoot. Didn’t bring any stands either, so it was one or the other holding the light as I shot. I’m starting to see why people like Joe Mcnally are such huge fans of Nikon’s CLS wireless lighting system. One pop turns boring shade light into a sunset scene, as above, or provides some amazing fill like in these shots here:

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